Here you can see our indicative price list for 2020.01.10

The prices are current prices and may vary according to supply and demand.

1 adult:

795 DKK 
107,00 Euro 
895 DKK
120,50 Euro 
2 adults:895 DKK
120,50 Euro 
995 DKK
134,00 Euro 
2 adults + 1 child995 DKK 
138,50 Euro
1095 DKK 
152,00 Euro
2 adults + 2 children1195 DKK 
166,00 Euro
1295 DKK 
180,00 Euro
2 adults + 3 children1395 DKK 

Prices in the period d. 1/7 - 31/7:

1 adult:

1295 DKK 
180,00 Euro 
1495 DKK
207,50 Euro 
2 adults:1295 DKK
180,00 Euro 
1495 DKK
207,50 Euro 
2 adults + 1 child1495 DKK 
207,50 Euro
1695 DKK 
235,50 Euro
2 adults + 2 children1495 DKK 
207,50 Euro
1695 DKK 
235,50 Euro
2 adults + 3 children1895 DKK 
263,50 Euro 

All prices are per. room, per night and include breakfast buffet, service and VAT 25%.

Baby bed: DKK 200,-

Payment by credit card:
If you are a citizen of the EU, you will surcharged when paying by a company credit card.
If you are a citizen outside the EU, you will be surcharged when paying with a company credit card, as well as a personall credit card.
When paying by Amex or Diners, you will be surcharged when paying with a company credit card, as well as a personall credit card, both inside and outside the EU. 

We reserve the right to rate increases. 
Similarly, there may be seasonal upward and downward adjustments of prices compared to list prices.

Warranty / Cancellation

Why should hotel rooms be guaranteed? A hotel room is not a commodity that can be stored until tomorrow. The room that are not sold in the night, are lost in the morning! Every day guests at the time of reservation has reported an expected arrival at the hotel.
The whole evening we will save / hold hotel rooms for those late guests.

However, it happens often that the rooms will be canceled late in the evening. The hotel has at this time, most often, no chance to sell the room to other. It is therefore important for the property to guarantee payment of a room with a late arrival.

Internationally, it has become common practice to require a guarantee of rooms with arrival after 18.00

- For 1 and up to 5 rooms is an individual booking. They can be cancelled up to 12 o´clock the day before arrival for free.
- 6 rooms and more is considered a group booking. A group booking can be cancelled for free up to 30 days before arrival. After that date a maximum of 50% of the booked number of rooms can be cancelled following these rules:

  • From 30 to 20 days before arrival: 50% can be cancelled for free.

  • From 20 to 10 days before arrival: 25% can be cancelled for free.

  • From 10 to 5 days before arrival: 10% can be cancelled for free.

  • From 5 to 3 days before arrival: 5% can be cancelled for free.

  • Under 3 days before arrival, the full amount of the final hotel arrangment will be charged

At no-shows, delayed arrival and early departure the hotel is entitled to a compensation equal to the full price of the final booked events 

Hotel Svanen follows the trades common rules, as laid out by