Need a room for your meeting?

Room rental is added by order of less than 10 participants or if a day or full-day conference is not ordered.


Meeting room K1 or K2, per roomKr. 1000,- / EURO 139 
Meeting room K3 or K4, per room Kr. 1.500,- / EURO 208
Meeting room K1 + K2:Kr. 1.500,- / EURO 208
Meeting room K3 + K4:Kr. 2.500,- / EURO 347

Number of participants  

Meeting room K1 or K235 participants
Meeting room K1 + K270 participants
Meeting room K3 or K460 participants
Meeting room K3 + K4120 participants

The number is based on an setup with long tables facing the canvas. The number varies in other setups. Call or email for more information.

We charge when paying by credit card - Terms & cancellation policy